Why Should You Buy a Domain Even For A Free Hosted Blog?

Most of those who have opted for professional blogging or even blogging as a career go for free hosted blogging platforms such as WordPress.com or Blogspot.com where they don’t have to invest anything at all.

However, the biggest misunderstanding that they have is that with those sub domains, their blogs will be still able to garner enough internet traffic. Nevertheless, this will certainly take a lot of time and eventually it will be too late. Therefore, it is utmost necessary that they are investing at least $2.51 to $11 in subscribing to a custom domain name on an annual basis. You can certainly not compromise on the custom made domain for your blog.

If you don’t buy a domain which is custom made for you right from the start, then you will have to face some disadvantages. Such as:

  • When you blog for a year or so and are successful in drawing enough traffic towards your blog, then that will certainly increase your page rank. However, if you give up the sub domain and go for a custom one of your own, the ranking is not going to stay the way it was. Unfortunately, you will have to start from the beginning.
  • After transferring to a custom domain, Google will not show the current blog site, but the one that used to be on the sub domain.
  • If you have an account with Google Analytics Tools, it is very necessary that you will have to update it. If you use the old analytics for the new domain; it would show the stats under the old name.
  • If you have already submitted the site map of your website to the top search engines, you will have to do it again.

Now let us look at the main advantages of having your own custom domain.

  • Your blog gets a good search engine exposure – better than the sub domains on platforms such as blogspot.com or WordPress.com.
  • You stand a good chance of your AdSense account being approved. There are people who got their account approved with a month old domain.
  • You can also have your e-mail ID based on your own domain such as username@yourdomainname.com instead of having one for Gmail or Yahoo. You can do so by using Google apps.
  • The publicity of your site name becomes much easier now with your own custom name, rather than publicizing it with a sub domain.

It is always better to go for a shorter domain name rather than opting for a longer one since people usually recollect smaller names. Also, buy a domain that is easier to spell as it becomes easier for visitors to access your website or else they may go to some other website. Also, never change the complete name when making the transition from a sub domain to a custom one. When changing your preferences, select the 301 redirection option so that you do not lose any traffic.