10 Best Blogs in India that You Should be Following

Looking for the best blogs in India in 2024?

The best Indian blogs are actually rather difficult to choose from. After all, there are so many blogs and parameters to consider. We have to see the blogs and their key metrics such as content quality, popularity, traffic, domain authority, and Alexa rank.

For this article, I have used a combination of all these metrics to make my choices. Given below is a detailed list of the topmost Indian blogs on the internet today. I hope you find it to be useful and informative, whether you are a student, professional, or aspiring blogger.


YourStory was founded by Shradha Sharma in 2008, who herself is considered as an epitome of bloggers in India.

The blog has published thousands of stories about legendary businessmen, entrepreneurs, the latest trends, and start-ups since its inception in 2008. It inspires people all across the country by showing them how great leaders were born. It also emphasizes the power of women by publishing the stories of several successful women in the world. As of now, it has aided over 50,000 entrepreneurs in gaining exposure and receiving better networking and funding opportunities. The content is available in 12 different Indian languages.

Gaurav Tiwari

Gaurav Tiwari is an Indian blogger, marketer, designer and entrepreneur who writes on tech, education, business and blogging. This blog gauravtiwari.org has its roots in a 2008 blog, but the domain itself was started in 2011.

This blog aims to help people get genuine aspects of several topics. In addition to these, this blog offers various free tools, guides and study notes for readers of different niches.


ShoutMeLoud was founded by Harsh Agrawal in 2008. It features a wide range of content related to freelancing, blogging, email marketing, affiliate marketing, WP hosting, SEO, WordPress, Google AdSense, and much more. The blog helps to educate people about making money online by giving them proper guidance in the fields of freelancing, digital marketing, WordPress, and SEO. It has been honored with numerous prestigious awards and has been featured on Entrepreneur, IBM, YourStory, and Inc.


FoneArena, founded by Varun Krishnan in 2005, was recognized as the most popular Indian telecom site in 2009. It received accolades and awards for being the most influential gadget blog in the world. It mainly features reviews of electronic gadgets and phones, including several unboxing videos and detailed analyzes of the products.

It focuses on providing authentic information with a unique but simple style, and has now become one of the largest databases for phones and tablets on the Internet. Over 500 million Indian and international customers have benefitted from making the right purchases using information provided on the blog. To get reliable updates regarding the latest mobile phones, cameras, and computers in the contemporary market, FoneArena is an invaluable resource.


Labnol was founded by Amit Agrawal in 2004. Amit is an IIT graduate who holds the distinction of being India’s very first professional blogger who developed various online apps and add-ons for Google, including Mail Merge for Gmail. He has also contributed to several reputable publications like The Hindustan Times, CNBC TV18, and The Wall Street Journal India. He has been hailed as the founder of the Indian blogging revolution by the Hindustan Times.

Amit Agrawal quit his well-paying job in a reputed tech firm to devote himself full-time to his blog, Labnol. Over there, he offers detailed guides about using various mobile applications and software. Amit is known for his concise and easy to understand style of writing. Labnol was rather text-heavy in its early days, but now it features plenty of multimedia including animation, videos, and audio as well. The articles on Labnol are based on Amit’s own experiences with the products, instead of secondary sources.

Labnol began to earn money a year after it was founded. Today, the blog gets more than 3 million visits per month according to Similarweb, from both Indian and international users. It makes money from various sources like contextual ad networks, direct ads through IDG Technetworks & Blogads, and Google AdSense. In fact, Amit’s experience was listed as an AdSense success story by Google. Labnol is one of the most helpful Indian blogs which offers conveniently simplified solutions to technology-related issues.


MissMalini was founded by Malini Agarwal in 2008, and is largely dedicated to events taking place in the Bollywood industry. It was among the very first digital media houses in India, and is an ideal resource for everything related to Bollywood and fashion. Apart from this, the blog also covers a variety of content related to gadgets, beauty tips, health & wellness, culture, career, beauty, arts, and style.

MissMalini has become one of the topmost Indian blogs with a massive readership and over 3-4 million views per month from both Indian and international users, two-thirds of whom are women.Malini originally created MissMalini as a hobby while working as the Head of Digital Content for Channel V India and a DJ on Radio One. Eventually, she turned into a full-time blogger and dedicated herself to giving out health, beauty, and fashion tips to her audience.

She has also been associated with certain events like the India Resort Fashion Week, Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour, and Lakme Fashion Week. She has shared her inspirational life experiences in her bestselling book, “To the Moon: How I Blogged My Way to Bollywood.” She is regarded as one of the most prominent leaders of women empowerment in the country.


SafalNiveshak is widely considered to be one of the best Indian investing blogs of today. It was founded in 2011 by Vishal Khandelwal – a teacher and investor who has been known for giving importance to mental models during investments. With over fourteen years of solid experience in the field of stock marketing, Vishal has been guiding numerous businessmen and investors on the path to success in the stock market.

Vishal shares a large amount of quality content on SafalNiveshak, including material related to value investing, stock analysis, business analysis, human behavior, and details of his vast experience in this field. For budding stock marketers who are aiming for success in long-term investment, SafalNiveshak is an invaluable resource.


JagoInvestor provides useful information for both budding and experienced investors, and gives them the opportunity to perform better in their field by providing quality financial education. It covers a wide range of topics, including mutual funds, insurance, and financial workshops. It was founded in 2007 by Manish Chauhan, a dedicated writer who has been working in the field of finance from over 8 years. He has written more than 800 articles on finance, and organized a number of innovative workshops all across the country for the benefit of investors.

As told earlier, Manish is the author of two bestselling books –  “How to be your own financial planner in 10 steps” and “16 personal finance principles every investor should know”. His sources of monetization include consultation and selling books on finance.


NextBigWhat, one of the most well-known Indian start-up blogs, was founded by Ashish Sinha in 2012. He is a product enthusiast who has more than fifteen years of experience in the field of product management. He has been associated with a number of reputable companies like Ketera, i2, Yahoo, and New Scale.

Today, Ashish provides an excellent course in product management that teaches people how to build and improve their career in this field. He intends to motivate budding product leaders to develop quality products and take their career to greater heights of success.


iGeeksBlog is one of India’s leading blogs on technology, which deals exclusively with Apple devices and everything related to their advancements, technology, and latest updates. It was originally created in 2012 by two Apple enthusiasts, Jignesh Padhiyar and Dhvanesh Adhiya. They share a number of common interests, including a great interest in Apple products and technology. Thus, they have taken up the initiative to provide detailed and accurate reviews of Apple products and their unique features.

On iGeeksBlog, Jignesh and Dhvanesh provide a large variety of content including Apple news and rumors, Apple watch tips, product reviews, troubleshooting guides, and recent news about iPhones, iPads, Mac, and iOS. Apart from the blog, they are well-known for developing the iGB app for iPhone and iPad. This app has been created with a vision to promote Apple products all across the world.


BloggersPassion was acquired by Anil Agarwal in 2010, in order to share helpful advice and strategies with fellow bloggers for earning money online. A professional blogger from Gurgaon, Anil was inspired by famous blogs like JohnChow, ShoeMoney, and Problogger to go ahead and create BloggersPassion to share his valuable experiences and tips for the benefit of budding bloggers. The blog also features content about web hosting, affiliate marketing, and SEO.

BloggersPassion has been prominently featured on internationally renowned platforms like HuffPost, Forbes, SEMrush, CrazyEgg, JeffBullas, and WPX. He is also associated with two other reputable sites – HostingMonks.com, which lists the best online hosting deals for people, and DealsnGadgets, which mostly deals with purchasing gadgets.