WordPress Development

We offer all-in-one and custom WordPress development services for clients globally. We also develop custom layouts, plugins and themes for clients on contract.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is our platform of choice because it’s by far the most robust platform available. There are also thousands of great free plugins and themes to enhance the look and features of WordPress sites. Setting this all up and keeping it all updated and running smoothly can sometimes be a chore for someone that’s inexperienced. Our professional WordPress services can get your site in optimum shape and take the hassle out of having a great WordPress website.

WordPress Products and Services

WordPress Installation

We can do a pro installation of the basic WordPress software for you and we’ll also set up an SEO plugin to give your site an early book. We don’t use auto installers to set up WordPress to avoid complications down the road. Does not include customization or WordPress instruction.

Site Maintenance

Have us keep your site running smoothly. We take the hassle out of having a WordPress site by making sure we keep everything updated as much as possible. We take care of the WordPress installation, theme and plugin updates.

WordPress Website Repair

We have years of experience working with WordPress and are skilled at troubleshooting and fixing bugs. We make full backups before we start so there’s no chance of us messing the site up even more. No charge if we can’t fix your website.

Performance Optimization

Page speed plays an important factor in Google search rankings and without the proper cache set up most WordPress sites don’t fare very well when it comes to page speed. We can fix that. Includes before and after performance reports.

Social Media Integration

Social media is an important factor in any major marketing or SEO plan in today’s world. We can set your site up to automatically send your new posts to Facebook and Twitter, hook your site into Technorati, set up Google Author Tags and social media share buttons.

Custom WordPress Websites

We can set up almost any type of WordPress site you need. We specialize in mobile friendly designs that do well in the search engines. Let us develop a WordPress site that lets your company or organization reach its full potential online.

Why Gatilab?

We have been developing and designing WordPress sites for the past 13 years. From a simple blog to super awesome business portals, and news sites to creative portfolios – even those yummy restaurant sites – we have designed all types of WordPress sites.

Our focus is on creating websites and blogs that are fast loading, optimized for accessibility and are conversion first. We are, ourselves, performance nerds, so every code we write has to mean something.

We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines on budget. A lot of our work is under NDA, but to give you an idea, we have developed WordPress websites for 300 brands in different niches, including:

  • Various creative agencies
  • Various web hosting companies
  • Multiple news agencies
  • Real estate brands
  • Government projects
  • Blogs