10 Joomla Extensions to Flourish Your Online Business

It is common among business owners, who use Joomla on their websites to crawl the web to find useful extensions for their websites. Joomla is an open source tool. Hence, it requires special components for outstanding performance & scalability. Here are some of the most trusted extensions that Joomla would like to have on your website for better performance and output.

1. JCE Editor – Forget Fearing With Codes

Making the necessary changes to WebPages is quite a cumbersome process for Joomla site owners who do not understand PHP. In this case, you as a website owner can use JCE Editor. It is an excellent component for making necessary changes to your website without touching a single code. It simply enables a WYSIWYG panel in your site’s backend. With the help of this extension, you will be able to make necessary changes in the pages of your website without drowning yourself into the ocean of codes.

2. K2

If you are new to Joomla then you will not like the content editing facilities of this CMS tool. You may also have decided to drop this CMS tool due to editing related difficulties. But you need to have patience. Here is an impressive tool for simplifying content editing on your website. As a website, users can simply make the necessary changes to your web pages such as addition of fields for images, tables, charts, and image galleries. Your website will be perfect for your website.

3. SH404SEF

It is an open secret that every Joomla using website requires enough facilities for optimization of web pages. Hence, you require an excellent component to add SEO settings to your website. With SH404SEF, you can have all kinds of functionalities to increase the presence of your website on the search engine front. It simply turns automatically generated URLs into search engine friendly URLs.


If you are aware of the importance of sitemaps in the increment of search engine reputation then this tool will really help you. It creates the front-end and XML sitemaps of the website.

5. The SwMenu

If you are looking for an extension to improve the menus on your website then it is the best tool. With this extension, you can enhance the impression of your website. In short, it is suitable for enhancing the look & feel of your Joomla site.

6. Front Page Slideshow

Usually, business owners look for extensions to add a slide show to the home page of their Joomla sites. If you are also doing the same thing then you can use this extension.

7. Mobile – Joomla

As you know, the cyber world is going mobile so you must have an impressive plugin for the mobile version of your website. Also, Mobile Joomla provides all the tools to create a mobile version of your website. Technically, it automatically creates a mobile version of your website.

8. Better Preview

As a website manager, you can understand the importance of previewing while making tiny changes in the web pages & contents. Therefore, you will love this extension because it gives you perfect previews of your website.

9. Community Builder

If you are looking for a component that you can add to the community section of your website, then you should use the community builder component. This will enable the new user registration feature on your website. Thus, website visitors can register themselves at your site.

10. Akeeba Backup

You should understand the importance of self-back up when you are running your website. This will help you in keeping a regular back up of your Joomla site. So when your hosting provider says sorry for not keeping the recent backup, then you can use yours.

Now, you can find these extensions over the web and install them on your website.