A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Review Websites Out of Your WordPress Set Up

With WordPress installed for your blogging website, you might definitely enjoy your journey of wooing visitors residing in different parts of the world. If you’re the one who’s been thinking about transforming your existing WordPress website into a review site, then this is a tutorial that will allow you to gather useful insights on the same.

What all has been featured in this post?

Here, I’ve covered the steps involved with using the Reviewer WordPress plugin for converting a WordPress website into a review site. In addition to this, I’ve also thrown some light on the confusion, which prevails about choosing between a WordPress theme and a WordPress plugin for building a review site out of a WordPress installation.

Firstly, let’s take a look at what, out of a WP plugin or a WP theme will turn helpful for your project

If you’re the one who’s looking out to have a review site without compromising on the site’s original design, then it is recommended to use a WordPress plugin for the same. A simple reason being that in case you need to perform any changes to the theme at a later stage, you won’t have to face unwanted additions to your site. Some popular WP Plugins you can choose from include: Reviewer WordPress plugin (the one I’ll be talking about in this post), MyReview plugin, WP Reviews etc. On the other hand, the WordPress theme approach for creating a WP review site will work best if you’re very regular with making changes to your site and want the parent theme to be with you always.

Now, let’s talk about using Reviewer WordPress plugin for transforming a regular WordPress website into a Review site

Introduced by egoG, Reviewer WordPress plugin is perhaps one of the best plugins for converting a WP site into a review portal. Just follow the steps below to get started using the Reviewer WordPress plugin:

Step 1

Purchase the plugin and install it onto your WordPress website.

Step 2

Create new review templates

As the second step, go to Reviewer (the new WP admin menu available within the left-menu once you’ve successfully installed the Reviewer WordPress plugin) and click on “Add New Template” button as shown in the below screen-shot:

1 Create WP Review Website

Next, choose a theme for your review site and start adding customized review criteria to the same.

Step 3

Match the colors of chosen theme and current blog.

As per the third step, you need to use the hex codes for matching the colors of the chosen review theme and the current blog’s design.

Step 4

Add a review to your WP post.

You might have published several posts on your WordPress blogging site. Now, it’s time to add a review to one of those posts. For this, all you need to do is open the chosen post in editor, scroll down towards the bottom where you can find a set of new Meta boxes. Have a look at the screen-shots shown below:

2 Create WP Review Website

Now, within the review meta box, add values for different data fields and use the visual editor buttons to insert the created review into the chosen post as shown in below screen-shot:

4 Create WP Review Website

With that you’re done with creating a review website out of your WordPress set up. Have a look at the below screen-shot which displays the final product:

5 Create WP Review Website

If you look at the above screen, you’ll find that the design is in synchronization with the WordPress theme installed in your existing website. As you may be noticed from the already explained steps that right from changing the color scheme of the default review theme to adding the review functionality into your existing WordPress website, everything has been made possible without the need for touching even a single line of HTML or CSS.

Wrapping it all up

With WordPress review websites becoming a fundamental aspect of the blogging world, it is recommended to migrate to one even for your current WP blog on an immediate basis. The readily available WordPress plugins and themes will allow you to execute the project in a refined way. I’m sure the information covered above would have offered you a clearer picture of switching to a review website from your plain, less-featured WordPress blogging site.