We are an upcoming agency with a lot in thoughts.

We're gatilab!

A startup connecting digital entrepreneurs, freelancers and organizations.


Who we are and why we do it

Our Team

We are a batch of creative youngsters who wish to make the world behave better, especially where it can. We are dedicated to deliver the best of content to people and organizations at bottom.

We're special!

We may be flawed but we are even more creative. It's been our whole life - creating and recreating stuffs.

"I wasn't so sure about my plan but I really wanted to startup with such creative alchemists. And I am so glad that I did."
Gaurav Tiwari

Gaurav Tiwari

The one in our team with big mouth and tiny ideas. He's the brain behind our executive decisions.

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Vats Ravi

Photography superstar. The one in the team with fanciest gadgets. The guy behind the operations.

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Saroosh Sheikh

The one in our team with style. Enjoys movie making and watching those.

About Us

Storytelling? Not our niche!

What's gatilab?



Gatilab is business organization/startup bridging the gap between skilled individuals and the brands by providing cloud based business and creative solutions. It targets the unattended talent that fails to be bridged up with current trends & techniques and making difficult for them to move forward with modern world.

Not yet

We're a company in work.

Coming soon!

We are finalizing things quicker than you can expect.

Please watch this space while we come with a boom.

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